At Tally-Ho Jewelers, we utilize the industries most powerful & advanced jewelry design software combined with state of the art model proto-typing technology.

 Our design software is simply amazing, we are able to create & build in a level of precision that is simply not possible by using old school methods. 

Once a design is complete, a life-like rendering is produced. These three dimensional photo like renderings allow you to see exactly what your design will look like before any custom metal work is begun.

Once a design from our software is approved, we then begin to make the physical prototype that will eventually be used to create the design in precious metal. The technologies that we use to create this physical prototype or ‘model’ are the same state of the art technologies that major engineering firms use in designing extremely precise models. These technologies combined with our many years of custom experience and our onsite master artisans offer the highest possible guarantee that your custom design will turn out as flawless as possible.

A common method that we use to create wax models is a CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) Milling System. This machine receivesthe model's geometry information and drills out each and every detail. 

This system is very precise and accurate and the wax models milled can be directly cast into metal.